What are Volhner Magnet Sticks?

Volhner Magnet Sticks are stainless steel collar stiffeners and neodymium round magnets.

What are Volhner Magnet Sticks for?

Volhner Magnet Sticks keep your collar straight and positioned in the desired position. Your collar will stay positioned during the whole day. Forget buttons or ironing to keep it firm.

What's the difference beween Volhner Magnet Sticks and other collar stiffeners?

Volhner Magnet Sticks are the only stiffeners that incorporate a magnet that, placed in the internal part of your collar, can firmly hold it in the desired position.

What are Volhner Magnet Sticks made of?

Our collar stiffeners are made of stainless steel. They are laser cut and textured and finally polished one to one by a traditional technique. Our magnets are made of neodymium, the most powerful material on the market. Feel sure they will never move of its place.

How do I use the Volhner Magnet Sticks?

First of all replace the plastic stiffeners that you can find n the internal pocket of your collar for our Magnet Sticks. After that, place the magnets underneath your shirt, placing your collar in the desired position.

Are Volhner Magnet Sticks suitable for all my shirts?

Our Magnet Sticks are 6,2 centimeters long, the standard measure for collar stiffeners. They are adapted for most of the shirts on the market. Nevertheless, check your collar size before buying.

Can everybody use the Volhner Magnet Sticks?

Yes, they can, except those persons who use pacemakers. Placing magnets so close to these devices is not recommended.

May I go through an airport security control when wearing my Magnet Sticks?

Yes, you may. Thanks to its composition and size, our Magnet Sticks are undetectable for metal detection systems.

Should I remove my Magnet Sticks when washing or ironing my shirt?

Both the stiffeners and the magnets that compose our Magnet Sticks are made of rustproof materials. However, it is not recommended to wash your shirt with them inside because the magnet might adhere to the metalic wall of the washer machine. Neither we recommend to iron your shirt with the Magnet Sticks inside.

Where can I buy the Volhner Magnet Sticks?

You can buy the Volhner Magnet Sticks on our website www.volhner.com or on our authorized retailers. Check our retailers by clicking "Our stores".